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Together with our sister institute, IIPS, the Panendeism organization aims to help shape the future by enabling science, philosophy, and Spirituality to advance our understanding of the world around us.

Panendeism Organization was founded with one goal - to explore the vast potential in a world view that is both millennia old, and rapidly gaining traction as a potentially true representation of reality . From its shocking implications in science, to its affirmation of human dignity, Panendeism is a promising new focus within the parent philosophy of Deism.

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Is PanenDeism an Option for Agnostics?

While it is not my aim in this article to attempt to convince you that some form of Deism or PanenDeism is probable (future articles will likely argue this), it is my sole intent here to, hopefully, persuade you that there is no necessary incompatibility between Agnosticism and PanenDeism.

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Exploring David Bohm's Panendeistic God

Exploring the fascinating God concept of legendary physicist, David Bohm.

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Exploring Panendeism as a Distinct Sub-Category of Deism

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Exploring Alan Watts' Panendeistic God

Exploring the beautiful, parsimonious portrait for God and existence of the late philosopher, Alan Watts.

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The Defining Principals of Panendeism

A summary of the integral defining principals of Panendeism as a parent philosophy of Deism.

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Atheism Is a Distinct Minority Position Among Scientists

Contrary to popular belief, atheism is still by far a distinct minority position among scientists.

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Exploring the Theological Attributes of God

Examining the fundamental differences between Atheism, Theism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Deism, Pandeism, and Panendeism.

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Our Perfectly Imperfect Existence

Self implies other, life implies death, and good implies evil. This thought experiment envisions a world of perfect harmony - and it's probably more horrifying than most would imagine.

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Where Atheism Ends and Deism Begins

Understanding how Atheism and Deism are mutually exclusive world views.

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33 Einstein Quotes to Live By

Albert Einstein radically altered our ideas about the world we live in and how it works. Here are 33 of his quotes to live by.

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Newton Vs. Quantum Physics: How They Shape Our Idea of God

How a Newtonian World View Gives Us a Remarkably Different God Concept than Quantum Physics

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The 7 Point Code of Conduct

Panendeism: The 7 Point Code of Conduct

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3 Ways Panendeism Can Benefit the World

3 ways Panendeism can positively influence the world.

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The 5 Tenets of Panendeism

5 Panendeistic Principals with the Power to Change the World.

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Great Scientists Talk about A Panendeistic God

Quotes from the greatest minds of Panendeism, including Einstein, Tesla, Planck, Schrodinger, David Bohm, and others.

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Treatise on Panendeism

Panendeism (or pan-en-deism), pronounced pænˈenˈdeɪˈĭzˈəm, is derived from the Greek pan (πᾶν), meaning all, en (ἐν) meaning in, and deus (Δεύς), meaning god.

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The field of the finite is all that we can see, hear, touch, remember, and describe. This field is basically that which is manifest, or tangible. The essential quality of the infinite, by contrast, is its subtlety, its intangibility. This quality is conveyed in the word spirit, whose root meaning is "wind, or breath." This suggests an invisible but pervasive energy, to which the manifest world of the finite responds. This energy, or spirit, infuses all living beings, and without it any organism must fall apart into its constituent elements. That which is truly alive in the living being is this energy of spirit, and this is never born and never dies.David Bohm, Physicist


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Compiling Wisdom

Through compiling exemplary resources from the past and present, our goal is to provide a unique framework that can be tapped into by a network of brilliant scientists and technologists.

Expanding the Horizon

Our focus is to analyze the wealth of scientific data that has been accrued over the past century and promote new and revolutionary ways of investigating and expanding potentially groundbreaking fields of research.

Pushing the boundaries of science and technology

At Panendeism Organization, our vision is to launch the International Institute for Panendeistic Studies (IIPS), enabling independent funding for scientific research which would explore the fascinating potential of Panendeistic concepts.

Celebrating Life, Love, and Being

We are committed to the cultivation and recognition of all humanity as one extended family in which each member is worthy of value, respect, and friendship. We affirm that all life is also worthy of our care, respect, and admiration.