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Exploring the Theological Attributes of God

Examining the fundamental differences between Atheism, Theism, Pantheism, Panentheism, Deism, Pandeism, and Panendeism.

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Where Atheism Ends and Deism Begins

Given the new push going on in the atheism community, which appears to have the goal of absorbing all forms of agnosticism (including Deism and Panendeism) into their unbelief, I feel the need to clearly define what Deism is and is not. I see a subtle agenda being pushed in many of the Deism communities, an agenda that attempts to twist Deism so that people perceive it to be as close as possible to Atheism. Given this new trend, I feel that a clear explanation of where atheism ends and Deism begins is in order...

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God’s Interaction in Panendeism, Compared

In Theism, we typically find God watching us from some metaphysical realm outside our own universe. Despite residence in an alternate sphere, the Theistic God is often thought to be aware of everything (“omniconscious”), as well as intimately involved in the minutia of our material lives and immaterial thoughts. As a consequence of this direct “interventionaistic” relationship with humans in a world in which the distribution of hardship and suffering seems un-linked to merit or good and evil, the God of theism seems either cruel, unjust or indifferent, or impotent, and often incapable of protecting, rescuing or elevating all. Many Theists believe that they can influence God’s grace through prayer in return for certain improved results, such as personal gain, comfort or wealth. Where results do not materialize, other Theists often assert that the supplicant was not sufficiently sincere or did not live their lives properly...

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