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Exploring David Bohm’s Panendeistic God

Exploring the fascinating God concept of legendary physicist, David Bohm.

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Atheism Is a Distinct Minority Position Among Scientists

For those of us who have left organized religion, people like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, and Sam Harris are more or less a right of passage into the secular world. While their cynicism towards organized religion is undoubtedly useful to those looking for a way out, it's unfortunate that they have come to personify science to so many who have previously been unfamiliar with it. The expatriated theist is ushered into the temple of science with the idea that they've come to a place utterly sterilized of the unthinkable 'G' word. The impression is that each and every scientist goes about the day just aching to explode into an hour long rant on the idiocy and sheer evil of a belief in G-d. Contrary to this idea, the reality is that science is still heavily populated with people who do believe in G-d. In fact, they make make up the majority....

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Newton Vs. Quantum Physics: How They Shape Our Idea of God

It seems like an awfully lot of people still see the world in terms of Newton's science and equations much more so than the physics and quantum physics of people like Einstein, Plank, Schrodinger, or Bohr. This isn't really surprising since our idea of reality comes from our perception of it. It's hard to ignore that, even if science tells that it's terribly wrong. But to be fair, let's start by recognizing that Newton was never really wrong in his assumptions so much as incomplete. Newton gave us equations that work perfectly in present day context, but failed to give us a bigger picture of the reality we exist within. Quantum physics gives us a much deeper insight into how things work at their base level - or at least as close to it as we can get at the moment...

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