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The Defining Principals of Panendeism

A summary of the integral defining principals of Panendeism as a parent philosophy of Deism.

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The 7 Point Code of Conduct

1.Approach to understanding external reality: Free-thought (rationality, objectivity, and critical-thinking). 2. Arbiters of external truth: Primacy of science and primacy of reason. 3. The universe and everything within it is sacred: we shall endeavor to do good and not cause harm. 4. Discussing or presenting information regarding external reality: Only scientifically validated information and proven theories should ever be presented as fact, while suggestive evidence and hypothesis must always be presented as speculative....

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The 5 Tenets of Panendeism

1. We affirm as a defining thesis, that the natural terrestrial world, and the greater Universe we observe are, by very definition, “real,” and acknowledge that these may well be the only semblance of God we shall ever witness with our human eyes. We assert that we, as sapient beings, are a constituent part of this integral whole, and that human observational perception, both material and spiritual, is worthy of our interest, pursuit, and trust. 2. We affirm the primacy of human reason and science as the final adjudicators of truth and error regarding our understanding of the universe, but acknowledge that human beings embody, by design, integrated intuition and expression that transcend the bounds of science. We propound that qualities such as consciousness, introspection, love, friendship, kindness, goodwill, charity, sincerity, inspiration, music, art, spirituality, and meditation are among these inherent and inspired natural qualities...

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