The 7 Point Code of Conduct

  1. Approach to understanding external reality: Free-thought (rationality, objectivity, and critical-thinking).

  2. Arbiters of external truth: Primacy of science and primacy of reason.

  3. The universe and everything within it is sacred: we shall endeavor to do good and not cause harm.

  4. Discussing or presenting information regarding external reality: Only scientifically validated information and proven theories should ever be presented as fact, while suggestive evidence and hypothesis must always be presented as speculative.

  5. Exploring the nature of self, other, and being: Compassion, passion, introspection, interconection, love, friendship, kindness, hope, goodwill, charity, sincerity, inspiration, music, art, and spirituality are all excellent examples of the benevolent reason-based processes and mechanisms by which we engage in and experience the full spectrum of wonders that life has to offer us.

  6. Discussing or presenting information regarding personal experiences or self: Panendeism, as an entity of philosophy, shall forever refrain from teaching spiritual practices or mysticism, as they have been used throughout recorded history by organized religions and cults to victimize and gain power over innocent people. However, we do recognize that we live in an amazing universe and welcome individuals to freely discuss and explore their own experiences, keeping in mind that things like spirituality and self are different for each person. Anyone who promotes the contrary position or claims to have special powers, methods, or connection to God should be treated with extreme caution and is perhaps more inclined toward Panentheism than Panendeism. We encourage exploration, but not evangelism. Personal and public exploration may include any one of a number of things, from sitting atop a mountain as the sun sets or gazing into the vastness of space on a clear night, to a pursuit of science, deep meditation, or the simplest things in life, such as being close to someone you love.

  7. Incompatible with: Organized religion, prophets, figure heads, dogma, false-information, oppression, and inequality.

For a complete overview of Panendeism, please see our Teatise on Panendeism.